Antibiotic Stained Teeth


If the teeth are “streaky” and a blueish shade, the chances are that it is what we call tetracycline staining.

In the early years tetracycline was given commonly for ear infections amongst other ailments. This lead to the internal staining of a tooth that appears streaky blue.

Normal bleaching does not work well on these types of teeth. The choice of treatment in these cases are Computerized generated Cerec Veneers.

The veneers are strong, aesthetic and a uniform colour. The ceramic veneers also do not change color over the years.

The patient also has a golden opportunity to choose a whiter tooth colour.

Tetracycline staining and antibiotic stained teeth
Antibiotic induced stained teeth
Tetracycline staining
Full porcelain computer generated Cerec veneers