Oral health is the main priority in our practice. Restoring decayed teeth, treating gum disease, bleeding gums and also giving back the function of chewing by placing implants in areas where there have been teeth lost.

All of this must be maintained by a good oral hygiene program to prevent any areas that might cause ill oral health again. We make use of ultra-sonic scalers for superficial cleaning, and laser treatment for serious periodontal (below the gum) disease



Teeth whitening with Zoom:
From Hollywood to Pretoria there is definitely one thing in common: we all want beautiful white teeth for confidence when we smile and interact. A smile is lasting and something that you cannot buy every year like a new pair of shoes or clothes that will last only one or two seasons. Investing in your smile and teeth is priceless because we only have one good chance at making it stunningly beautiful and healthy.

Before the teeth whitening commences, the teeth must be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of all the external plaque and stains that will prevent the teeth from whitening optimally. The lips and gums are then isolated for the gel to take its place on the teeth. The hydrogen peroxide gel gets activated by a UVA lamp. Four sessions of fifteen- minute intervals will complete the ZOOM teeth whitening in an hour procedure.

Aftercare (do’s and don’ts)
Don’t: for 24 hours after your teeth whitening procedure do not eat or drink food that has got a lot of colour in them i.e. red wines, curries, teas, coffees etc.
Do: Apply an aftercare gel provided.

So called “touch-up” procedures may be done every year or as you feel needed for your teeth, for that extra white shade. Trays made specifically for your teeth will be provided for this use. Together with the aftercare gel, we also provide you with a home bleaching gel. You put a tiny bit of gel inside the tray. The tray fits over your teeth, that contains the gel, and you can wear this for two hours.


René van Bergen

Our very best Oral Hygienist that looks after the oral health of our patients. She also assist Dr Nadia Erasmus. She will give you a dashing white smile with the Zoom whitening procedure.