The absolute highlight of the CEREC software is the unique “Biojaw process”. The software uses a biostatistical procedure to generate a patient-specific initial restoration proposal based on the scanned teeth. In most cases, this proposal can be used to move directly on to the production process.


Ease of use and high degree of automation

The clearly structured, intuitive user interface as well as the feedback and help functions make the learning curve flatter and ensure that the CEREC software can be operated effectively from the start. Thanks to its many automatisms based on artificial intelligence, the CEREC software works (almost) on its own. Optimally, you just need to check the suggestion of the software in each of the 5 software phases and confirm with a click.


Shade Detection

The function “Shade Detection” offers you objective support in selecting the right tooth shade based on your scan with the CEREC Omnicam.


Other Services By Dr. Ade

Computerized cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry makes it possible to create veneers, crowns and inlays in just one dental appointment.
Every person deserves to have a magnificent and healthy smile.


Computer generated CEREC crowns, and inlays (CAD/CAM technology) Crowns and inlays (porcelain filling) can be placed in a single visit to the dental office.

Tooth decay and old-fashioned silver fillings, are replaced by removing the decay and/or silver fillings, taking a digital image of the good remaining tooth. The porcelain crown or inlay gets designed on the computer. A milling unit then manufactures the full porcelain crown or inlay within 10 to 15 minutes. The porcelain is then cemented and polished to perfection. Our aim is to restore your tooth to its original natural looking shape, form, function, colour and size, the way nature intended it to be.


Computer generated CEREC veneers (CAD/CAM technology)

Veneers are ultra thin porcelain laminates that cover the front teeth. If you have antibiotic induced stained (tetracycline stains), chipped or mildly skew teeth, then you are a perfect candidate for porcelain veneers. Veneers make it possible to transform an ordinary-looking smile to a perfect whiter smile.


Amalgam/Silver fillings may be removed for several reasons including:

  • Chipped fillings and/or broken tooth structure adjacent to the amalgam filling

  • Tooth decay underneath filling

  • Health reasons

  • Aesthetic appearance


Maligned teeth may be straightened instantly (in certain cases) with the aid of Cerec Computer generated crowns. This gives us the advantage to change the shape, colour and form of the original tooth. This is done in one single appointment.


Dental implants (method of replacement missing teeth)

If you have dentures you can now kiss them goodbye and replace them with permanent teeth. Dental implants are definitely the method of choice when it comes to replacing missing teeth. We make use of our unique 3D Galileos CT scanner, made by Sirona Dental Systems in Germany, for the implant placement, where we can view your jaw X-ray in a complete 3 dimensional manner within 10 minutes. This ultimate diagnostic tool makes the implant placements extremely safe and effective. Full upper and lower dentures can also be replaced by dental implant technology, even if you have worn your dentures for a very long time.


Gum Contouring:

The shape of the gum around your teeth is as important to the aesthetic appearance of your smile, as the teeth are. Gums should follow the teeth harmoniously. Too much gum around the teeth could give the impression of “small” looking teeth. This is the classic “gummy” smile look. The second case where gum sculpting/reshaping may be of great value is where the teeth are out of place in the arch. In conjunction with veneers or crowns, “instant” orthodontics can be done, which means the teeth and gum appear to be straightened. Gum contouring is done by laser in our practice, which means the results are instantaneous, and in most cases crowns or veneers may be done in same dental appointment. This is a relative small procedure with huge aesthetic benefits to a smile when indicated.

Gum bleaching – Gum Depigmentation:
The most common cause of darker pigments in the gums is genetics. Excess melanin can build up in the gums, making them look brown or black instead of pink.  The extra pigment does not indicate any disease or dysfunction. Patients seek treatment because of an aesthetic preference for pink gums that show their teeth better.


Teeth whitening with Zoom:
From Hollywood to Pretoria there is definitely one thing in common: we all want beautiful white teeth for confidence when we smile and interact. A smile is lasting and something that you cannot buy every year like a new pair of shoes or clothes that will last only one or two seasons. Investing in your smile and teeth is priceless because we only have one good chance at making it stunningly beautiful and healthy.

Before the teeth whitening commences, the teeth must be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of all the external plaque and stains that will prevent the teeth from whitening optimally. The lips and gums are then isolated for the gel to take its place on the teeth. The hydrogen peroxide gel gets activated by a UVA lamp. Four sessions of fifteen- minute intervals will complete the ZOOM teeth whitening in an hour procedure.

Aftercare (do’s and don’ts)
Don’t: for 24 hours after your teeth whitening procedure do not eat or drink food that has got a lot of colour in them i.e. red wines, curries, teas, coffees etc.
Do: Apply an aftercare gel provided.

So called “touch-up” procedures may be done every year or as you feel needed for your teeth, for that extra white shade. Trays made specifically for your teeth will be provided for this use. Together with the aftercare gel, we also provide you with a home bleaching gel. You put a tiny bit of gel inside the tray. The tray fits over your teeth, that contains the gel, and you can wear this for two hours.


Solutions for grinding:
If you suffer from an aching jaw in the morning, or frequent headaches, you most probably have an occlusal imbalance of your teeth (i.e. grinding problem). This can be assessed and rectified using either a bite plate or we can realign your bite, using the CEREC 3 Dimensional system.

In severe cases of grinding or wearing down the enamel prematurely, a dental rehabilitation or reconstruction is of great value. Prolonged grinding enamel and dentin loss may cause joint problems in the jaw, pain, headaches and toothache. A full Cerec computerized dental reconstruction is usually done in a single appointment. This means no temporary crowns or embarrassing moments where the temporaries might fall out. Time is of the essence for all people and this too is a great benefit.
In this appointment, we restore the anatomy of the teeth to the correct height and function, whilst adjusting the colour to the desired shade.

Other indications for rehabilitation:
In some cases where most of the teeth has tooth decay, a dental rehabilitation is indicated to restore health, function and aesthetics of all the teeth in a single appointment.



Dr. Adé Meyer

B.Ch.C (Stell.) DipOdont(Oral Surgery) CumLaude.(Pret.)

Dr. Meyer has been passionately involved with the CEREC (CAD/CAM) system for the past twelve years. She specializes in front crowns and veneers (smile makeovers), and full mouth rehabilitations. She understands the demands of her patients, and can meet them with her expertise and has a highly specialized dental practice. The most modern updated equipment includes CEREC 3D computers, milling units, lasers, furnace and the absolute state of the art X-ray Galileos CT unit.